Management homework help

Management homework help.

Q.   Develop a strategic marketing plan for either an existing brand, or a made-up brand that you would want to create for this project. This essentially takes into account everything we have learned this semester about the strategic marketing process, and new ideas & concepts learned about in the book Fascinate by Sally Hogshead.
Strategic Marketing Plan Project Checklist:
– What is your brand? What products or services does it offer?
– Who is the customer – complete a persona.
– What is the current market positioning of this brand? Are there any additional opportunities that you see?
– What is the brand mission? What do you think it should be?
– What are two tactics that you would combine to adjust the brand messaging more fascinating (use Sally Hogshead’s book as a reference for this)?
– Complete a strategic analysis of the brand using the SWOT format, looking at customer, competitor, market and environmental evaluations.
– How does this brand create customer value, or how should they create better customer value if you feel there is room for improvement?
– How does this brand build relationships with customers? What suggestions or changes would you make if you are choosing to work on an existing brand?
– International marketing presence – pick a key market that brand either does business in, or you would recommend the brand do business in. How do you need to adjust the positioning of the marketing messaging to better tailor to those customers to become more global?
– Driving innovation – how will you inject innovation into the marketing culture and into the marketing messaging of the brand. THINK BIG!
Please create a PowerPoint presentation of all of your ideas, make sure your visual aesthetics match the brand identity. Add written notes along with your slides.

Management homework help


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