Management homework help

Management homework help. CHAPTER 13
1. Read the article “Amazon’s Vision for the Future of Health Care Is Becoming Clear”and answer the questions below.
As seen in this article, Amazon is considering various health care initiatives to integrate within its company. How would you recommend them to take their ideas and concepts and implement them within a health care organization? Do you foresee any barriers for adoption? If so, what are they and how would you remedy them?
2. To your knowledge, are there any other similar health care initiatives that organizations are experimenting with? If so, what are they do you foresee them as having an easier or more difficult time getting them implemented than Amazon? Why or why not?
3. What sort of performance metrics would Amazon need to put into place in order to measure the success of their new health care initiative? What would deem the initiative a success? Do you feel that Amazon is taking it too far when it comes to automating health care? Why or why not?
1. Read the article “Artificial Intelligence Is Infiltrating Medicine — But Is It Ethical?” and answer the questions below.
Aside from the ethical issues mentioned in this article, what other concerns are there around relying on the use of AI in the health care sector? Are there any other infringements on a person’s privacy?
2. What are some potential benefits to consumerism in health care that the use of AI can bring to patients? Can this be integrated into more consumer-driven health care initiatives? If so, how?
3. What are the potential impacts on the current state of health care organizations that the use of AI will affect? Will this add, take away, or keep the same number of health care jobs? Why?
1. Read the article “Medical Tourism — A Growing retail Health Strategy” and answer the questions below.
In this article, new ways to receive medical care is discussed – types that relate directly to travel – that is medical care on cruise ships and in hotels. How do you see these types of medical care locations being beneficial or harmful to the overall state of medical tourism?
2. The article notes that individuals in the United States are seeking health care elsewhere due to high costs. It also notes that there is less of a flow into the United States due to the same high costs. What can the United States do to compete for global patients? Are there any benefits that the United States offers with their health care that outweighs the high cost of it?

Management homework help


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