Management homework help

Management homework help.

Research Project Proposal
Topic: Satisfaction level of customers at McDonald’s.
Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the satisfaction level of customers at McDonald’s. A questionnaire will be used to collect the data.
Include why it is worth studying and the practical significance of the study.
Then, add the Review of Literature section. Locate and summarize 3-4 sources (studies) on your topic – customer satisfaction at McDonald’s. Use only current (2010-2018) Peer-Reviewed sources from scholarly journals using EBSCO ( and other data bases through Amberton Library. Summarize each study (6 complete pages for the actual Review of Literature) including who conducted the study, where, when, what they were investigating, their procedure, and the results. Include all correct in-text citations in every paragraph and all needed documentation. Do not include any direct quotes (including exact percentages) or information from their review of literature.
Include: Title Page (The Running head will now be the Title of your own Research Project Proposal.)  Statement of PurposeSignificance of the Study (Include the reason the study would be important to the location you selected, describe the location, size, etc.), the Review of Literature and Reference Page.
For the completed Research Proposal, you will develop the Methods – including all parts listed on the attached pdf and a cover letter/questionnaire (using about 10 Closed Questions) as needed, to be used in the proposed study, Plans for Sharing Findings and Budget sections. The completed paper will now include all parts of the Research Project Proposal.
A pdf of outline for the research proposal is attached. Please follow the outline.
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Management homework help


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