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Management homework help. Choose ONE of the following three topics; write an analytical paper of 1000-1250 words.
Essay # 1:  Abstraction vs. Representational Art in New York, c. 1945-1955
Work with the following sources:


  • Harold Rosenberg, “The American Action Painters” Art News (1952) (class website)

Compare and contrast the two remarkably different modes of painting in New York in the late 1940s and early 1950s. What style is represented by Pollock’s painting? How does Koch’s painting differ from this style? What are the values—esthetic, social, cultural, ethical—that each of these ways of working convey? You must discuss the three sources listed above. Other questions to consider: What does Pollock tell us (verbally) about how his art evolved? What does his way of working show us about what he values in art and life? Does Rosenberg’s essay illuminate Pollock’s art and way of working, i.e. is it consistent with what we glimpse of Pollock and his working method in Hans Namuth’s film? According to Silver, what did John Koch feel about Pollock’s painting and/or work like it? Was Abstract Expressionist art like Pollock’s relevant in any way for Koch? Does spontaneity and/or tradition (i.e. the art of the past) play a part in each artist’s work? How self-conscious is each artist about his role as an artist and how is this represented in their work? Does the work of Pollock and Koch have anything in common at all? You should address some of the above questions. You can also address questions and issues of your own as long as they are relevant to this topic.
Essay # 2:  The Street and its Resonances in Postwar New York Art
Work with the following sources:


Describe the “street esthetic” of Garry Winogrand’s photographs and Helen Levitt’s film (in fact, Levitt was also an important street photographer, and a friend of Winogrand’s). What are the values—esthetic, social, cultural, ethical—that this way of working conveys? What is the beauty and/or excitement of the street for Winogrand and Levitt (and her collaborators)? What are the differences between the street as rendered on film by Levitt and in still photographs by Winogrand? What does Silver have to say about Winogrand’s photographs? And does this also apply to Helen Levitt’s film? Does the music of Arthur Kleiner add or detract from the effectiveness of In the Street? What role does black-and-white play in the street esthetic? How does Winogrand understand the particular strengths of photography? Does what he says also apply to Levitt’s film? You should address some of these questions as well as questions and issues of your own as long as they pertain to the topic of street photography.
Essay # 3:  The Art of the New York Skyscraper
Work with the following sources:

  • Max Page, “The Armory Show in the Provisional City,” in in Kushner and Orcutt, eds. The Armory Show at 100: Modernism and Revolution, exh. cat. (New York: New York Historical Society, 2013)


  • Wanda Corn, “An Italian in New York,” in The Great American Thing: Modern Art and National Identity, 1915-1935 (1999)


  • Warhol’s film, Empire, 1964

  • Steven Koch, “The Last of the Silents,” in Stargazer (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1973).

Describe the varying responses to New York’s built environment from the early years of the 20th century to the early 1960s, as demonstrated in the essays by Page and Corn and in the art of Andy Warhol. Is there continuity in these approaches, from the years around 1910, the 1920s to Warhol’s art of the 1960s? How does Warhol’s approach deviate from earlier depictions of New York? What can Warhol accomplish with film that earlier painters cannot? What do you think Warhol is trying to tell us about New York? Why do you think he made a silent film, i.e. a film without music? Does this add to the effectiveness of his “portrait” of this building? You should address some of these questions as well as questions and issues of your own pertaining to this topic.
Format: Total word count of 1000-1250 words (about 4-5 pages) typed in Times New Roman, font size 12, double-spaced.
Remember: This is not a research paper, but a paper in which you are to look and think about art made in and around New York City. You may research some of the issues above if you so choose, but you will not be given “extra credit” for relying on additional outside sources (and you must cite with footnotes or endnotes any information or ideas that are not your own). You should be able to convey your ideas from your keen observations and the cumulative knowledge about New York and avant-garde art that you have learned throughout the course.

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