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This assignment is an opportunity for you to explore the CSR work of one international company in depth, and to evaluate this with reference to some of the core ideas, concepts and theories already presented in this course.
Your essay should include the following sections:
1. Title page (title of your essay, your name, student number, and word count)
2. Introduction – give an overview of what your essay is about and your key findings
3. Overview of your chosen company (choose an international business)
4. Analysis and evaluation of the CSR work of your company. Please make sure you cover both the sections below:
· Describe and explain the CSR work of the company you have chosen 
– Use company websites and reports to describe and explain the main CSR work done by your chosen company. You might also find it helpful to explore any evidence you find about the company’s reason for doing CSR work, and the rationale given for the particular approach to CSR taken. For example, the company might tell you why it is addressing the issues that it covers.
· Evaluate the CSR work of this company
This is an opportunity for you to evaluate the CSR work of your chosen company by demonstrating some of what you have learnt in this course. Use the following to help you to evaluate the company’s work on CSR:
– Core concepts and theories from this course.
– The CSR literature (e.g. on the relevant sector or company)
– Reference to wider CSR initiatives
– Media reports, and critiques from various stakeholders (including NGOs and unions).
For example, you might use Crane et al.’s ‘Core characteristics of CSR’; Carroll’s pyramid; stakeholder theory; and/or the GRI reporting criteria to help you evaluate what is good about the approach taken by the company, and what is missing or what it could do better.
Does the company’s CSR work appear to address its core social and environmental impacts, and its key stakeholders?
5. Recommendations
Based on the analysis and evaluation you have done in point 4 of this guidance, you need to provide some recommendations as to how you think the company could improve its CSR work. You must clearly explain and justify your recommendations with reference to your evaluation in part 4.
6. Conclusion – briefly summarize what your essay has covered, your findings and your recommendations.
7. Reference list (PLEASE NOTE: Harvard style, references are not included in the word count)
Please note: You must use at least eight academic reference, in addition to the core readings for the course. Marks will be deducted if the sources of information used in your essay are not included, or the minimum reference requirement is not met.
Word count: 2,500 words, +/- 10% (references excluded)
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