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Assignment Week 9
Before a concept can be studied, it must be operationally defined.  This week’s idea of fairness is one of those concepts.  What seems fair to one might not be so to another.  According to Kim and Mauborgne (as cited in HRB, 2011), the process of being fair is also defined by culture, which means that fairness that is part of an educational environment may be different from that of business, politics, medicine, etc. Therefore, the definition of fairness for this week’s discussion will be the one suggested by Kim and Mauborgne as cited in HBR (2011).
This week’s assignment takes into consideration the reading by Buckingham (as cited in HRB, 2011) as well as the one by Kim and Mauborgne cited in HBR (2011) along with the video that needs to be viewed, (Ephron and Lang, 1957).
For the post this week:
Please share how you have either experienced or have witnessed good managers who promote the idea of the fair process with employees.
Also, contrast those instances where you might have observed the opposite.
Do you believe that fair process needs to be in place for a business to run smoothly, and if so, how would you utilize it for either the job that you are currently in or one that you might have had experience with already?


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