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MGT 341 –  Assigned Individual Case Analysis Paper (25% of the course assessment)
There will be an assigned case to be announced for this case analysis paper.
Note that your assigned case must to be submitted in hard copy at the date designed for its submission. No late submission is accepted. There is not oral presentation for this assignment.
In this paper, which should be between 7 to 10 pages in length,12 font size double space. The structure to follow need to include :
1. Introduction with purpose and structure of the case analysis paper;
2. Case synopsis – what is the case about
3. Identify the case’s key strategic issues – the questions at the end of the case , reflect on them in the context of the course learning
4.  Perform a strategic analysis (comparative) with linkage to the concepts learned in the course during the semester, substantiated with sources
5. Provide strategic recommendations/reflections on creative options.
The analysis of the case needs to be presented in a research paper style. It should be typed and proofread and include a reference list of minimum 5 credible sources for all research material used. References should be presented in  APA format.
The case analysis written paper must be done entirely on your own.
The paper will be graded on the basis of quality and thoroughness of analysis, clarity of ideas, organization of ideas, and grammar and spelling. Since the report will not have any ‘cut and dried’ solution, the grading process necessarily will be subjective. Compelling logic and reasoning in the analysis, the application of correct types of analysis to the situation, and a clear, concise writing style will contribute to a high grade. While the grading may be inherently judgmental, it is not arbitrary.
The case may include specific issues/questions raised by the author. These may or may not be important considerations in the preparation of your case analysis paper for this course. In either situation, answering such questions should not be confused with the preparation of a written case analysis paper.
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