Management homework help

To: New Consulting Team Member 
From: CEO
Welcome to our consulting firm. To start, I would like you to address some team issues.  You are a manager in our consulting firm – you know the challenges associated with teams, and have a number of teams that report to you. You plan to show the video set out in this assignment to your teams and then discuss the answers to the questions below based on the issues set out in the video.  Your reading of Chapter 1, 2, and 15 should provide you with the information you need to draft a memo directed to your team members by answering the following questions.
Assignment Instructions (complete each step)

  • Write a 600 minimum word memorandum addressed to your team.
  • Write in (APA Academic Memo Format, Times New Roman 12 Font, Double Spaced) and address/discuss the issues below.
  • Be sure to use headings for each section to correspond to the numbers of each question (1, 2, 3) below. 
  • Provide your response as a Microsoft Word document (Do Not Submit in PDF format). 
  • Any outside sources used must be cited inline and referenced.

1. Discuss the type of employees for which the application of Scientific Management work best.
2. Explain how to address the problems defined in the video using Scientific Management.
3. Discuss what can be done to fix these problems using Scientific Management.


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