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This assignment asks you to use your (actual) interviews with customers to build a (fictional) profile and persona of a (hypothetical) target customer.
That target customer should typify your beachhead market while still retaining the necessary aspects and uniqueness of a single individual. So your aim is to ‘translate’ what you’ve learned from your interviews into a ‘living and breathing’ person we can imagine would use (and pay for) a product or service solution you’ll be developing.
Consolidate and reach consensus on what your interviews suggest about customer pains & gains and use that understanding to develop an image of your target segment, using the End-User Profile & Persona excel sheet.
Fill out the first half based on what you’ve already completed – finish the rest based on your work in class, and you’ll be able to submit that updated version here. Use this as a jumping-off point, not to restrict you toward a particular template. *Please also include supplementary material* (drawings, photos, narrative notes.
We’ll review the sheet in class so you understand clearly how to approach the assignment and what to turn in – one assignment per group.
Like other assignments you do along the way, you’ll be updating this persona and profile as you go and submitting it, along with your interview notes, for the final assignment.
The assignments act the research that underpins that final assignment, a clear and defensible value proposition and customer segment analysis.
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