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This Professional Assignment (CLA2) requires a minimum of 6 pages (excluding tables, graphs, appendices, title, and reference pages) APA formatted Word Document in response to the following questions. Your answers should be clear, well-organized, and specific. Provide a concise, cogent argument and include details to support your response. Note; I have attached the file of the case below
Read Jupiter Electronics case study in Chapter 19 and provide response to the following questions:
There are three basic features that should be incorporated in a theoretical framework:
Provide a brief discussion of these features.
Assess the quality of the theoretical framework developed in the report. Please include the three basic features in your discussion.
2. One of the characteristics of cause-and-effect relationships is that one “controls for the effects of other variables”.
What does controlling for the effects of other variables mean?
Why is it important to control for the effects of other variables?
How do you control for the effects of other variables in an experiment?
How do you control for the effects of other variables in field studies?
Do the researchers in this case study mentioned above control for the effects of other variables?
3. The researchers ask the people who leave the shop with a plastic bag of the shop to fill out a
Is this an example of probability or non-probability sampling?
How do you feel about the sampling method that has been employed in this study?
4. Table 3.1 in Jupiter Electronics case study in chapter 19 provides an overview of the outcome of Cronbach’s alpha’s assessment in the study.
What is the purpose of calculating Cronbach’s alpha?
Discuss the Cronbach’s alpha outcomes in Table 3.1.
5. The researchers test their hypotheses using regression analysis. How are statistical tests related
to the questionnaire that has been used in the case mentioned in chapter 19?
6. The researchers in the case mentioned in above questions (5) indicate a few weak points of their study. Provide and discuss at least two additional weak points of the study. Provide recommendations for improvement


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