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Given everything that has gone on in the world in the last year, what is the current business climate like in Canada?  Would you open a business in Canada right now? What elements in this current environment might support business and what elements might be barriers to businesses? This is a business opinion report so be sure that you use your own voice and write in an essay report format using full sentences and to the APA standard. Provide one current example for each of the six business environment elements and explain the impact this has on the current business climate in Canada. You need to show that you understand the following business environmental elements and how they can impact on the success of a business in Canada.
– Legal
– Economic
– Technological
– Competetive
– Social
– Global
Report Guidelines
This report should be 2 to 4 pages in length. (not including title page and reference page)
Your report should include a title, the course name, your name and student number – date and Instructors name.
Make sure to use the following APA formatting – size 12 point font (APA acceptable script) – double spaced – insert page numbers – use heading or titles – references at end of report.
Begin with an introduction and end with a summary or a conclusion.
**Maximum of three resources/references. Must be current.
Edit your report for readability, grammar, spelling and punctuation.
This report should meet the APA requirements stated in the Overall Guidelines document sent to you on Tuesday October 13th.
This assignment will be marked out of 35 and is worth 5% of your overall final mark.
This assignment is due by the end of class on Wednesday October 21rst 2020.
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