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Week 5 Project
You have worked on the same Course Project (e.i. ER) in week 3 & 4. You are supposed to use the same Course Project for this week. This assignment, in 5 to 6 pages, will ask for you to utilize information gained on previous course projects (Course Project Task 1 & Course Project Task 2) and reflect on the following quality management plan controls:

  • Discuss issues to be considered with the implementation of the improvement program.
    • Staff acceptance of change (Are there any resistance from staff?)
    • Implementation time frame (Could you estimate the time frame for implementing your proposed improvement plan?)
  • Discuss issues involved in the collection and analysis of data.
    • Data collection (Is the data collected manually or electronically? How many data sources are needed? what are possible issues during data collection process?)
    • Data analysis process (Do you have software to perform data analysis? Or do you perform data analysis manually?)
  • Identify and describe a desired outcome of the quality improvement plan. (What outcomes do you expect when the quality improvement plan is implemented?)
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