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3-5pages of reflection in marketing communication.
structure should like this
 Introduction
 Description of your experience on the subject: What have you learned? What do you know now that you didn’t know before? What insights did you gain?
 Feelings and thoughts about the experience
 Evaluation of experience, including good and bad: Why do you think you made your specific choice? Do you think these are the right choices? What theory proved to be useful and why? What have I learned from it?
Analyze to understand the situation: Is this a useful learning experience? What specific skills or perspectives did you acquire as a result? What are the strengths and weaknesses I have observed? What are the challenges I have encountered/observed? How to deal with it?
 Conclusions about what you have learned and what you can do. Will I do better next time and get the expected results?
 An action plan on how to handle similar situations in the future or may find appropriate general changes.


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