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 As you may be aware, Apple just introduced its new iPhone 12 line with 5G. Do a quick search online to respond to one of the two questions below:
1) What do you think about the prices of these new phones?
2) If you were part of the marketing team at Apple,what would you do to market the new phones given the current challenges such as the pandemic, the economy as well as competitors like Samsung, Motorola, and Google?
After the first few students post their response, I want other students to comment on their comments.  Students should only answer 1 of the 2 questions I have posed.
“”””””””The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are insanely priced. Apple targets the young tech guys and young adult consumers because they know that this type of consumer will always want to have the latest and greatest technology. I believe this is the way they get away with selling the newer versions at such high prices. They have a great marketing strategy that targets the demographics they want. It really is a shame to have gone from $500 when the first iphone came out to now double the price for a new iPhone 12 and even more for a 12 pro max.
When I read about the new iPhones not having headphones or chargers, I was surprised to hear that they are charging so much with so little to offer. It did strike me as selfish and greedy on behalf of Apple especially because they are charging so much money and it should at least come with its accessories.
However, Apple has over the years rebranded and reinvented themselves and their marketing strategies thus becoming one of the biggest companies in the world. I believe they now know what they can get away with and unfortunately, people will still buy their products at the demanded price.””””””””
This Paragraph above with lots of quotation marks is my classmates reflection. Use that to help complete assignment


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