Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

1.  Identify and discuss a famous marketing leader.
Discuss leadership traits you believe the marketing leader demonstrated and why those traits are important.
100 word minimum
2. Identify and discuss a famous marketing leader.
Discuss the leadership SKILLS you believe the marketing leader demonstrated and
explain why it is important marketing leaders possess those skills.
100 word minimum
3.  Identify and discuss a famous marketing leader.
Discuss the behaviors important to the success of that leader.
100 word minimum
4. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc.
Discuss fully why you feel the people above are or are not examples of leaders?
In addition, identify leaders not mentioned and discuss why you feel they are examples of leaders.
100 word minimum
5.  Discuss the leader – follower relationship you believe a marketing leader should have with followers?
Discuss why you feel those leadership behaviors and or actions are important in motivating followers.
100 word minimum
6. Transformational, Authentic, Adaptive and Servant Leadership
Discuss some of the leadership behavior you believe marketing leaders should demonstrate
and explain why it is important marketing leaders demonstrate those specific behaviors.
100 word minimum
7. Ethical Leadership
Discuss some of the ethical leadership behavior mentioned in the survey questions above
that you believe marketing leaders should demonstrate
and explain why it is important marketing leaders demonstrate those specific ethical behaviors.
100 word minimum
Outdoor Advertising
8. Location:
Discuss the impact and effectiveness outdoor advertising has on YOU
based whether the billboard is on the top of buildings
on the side of buildings, buses, trains, and trucks or
it is a large poster at bus stops, subway stations, and train platforms or
above the seats on buses and trains or at sports stadiums and arenas.
Minimum 50 words.
9. Transit Advertising:
Based on you experience discuss the effectiveness of bus and train advertisements.
Explain why you feel transit advertising is an effective or ineffective form of advertising.
Minimum 50 words.
10. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (A.I.D.A.) :
Explain what it would take for a billboard to grab your attention.
Once a billboard grabs your attention what will it take to get you interested?
In terms of your purchase decision process, what would result in you purchasing the product or service advertised on the billboard.
Minimum 100 words.
Leadership and Ethics in Marketing Driven Organizations
11. Explain fully your opinion regarding leadership;
50 word minimum
12. Explain fully your expectations of an organization.
50 word minimum.

Marketing homework help


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