Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. Due May 10 by 11 :59pm Points 200 Submitting a file upload
Available fVlar 1 at 12am – tVay 10 at 11 :59pm 2 months
Please prepare a research paper that explain the overall lmport Process for the United States and the
key regulations that control the process. Be sure to explain the key steps and documentation that are
required in the process and how the rules are enforced.
The paper should be double spaced in-MLA format and cantain at least 2 academic references.
The minimum length is 1000 Words.
Some Rubric (1) (1)
Criteria Ratings
Technical/Theory Content 80.0 pts
Communication Skills 50.0 pts
Structure, Closing and Logical sequence 50.0 pts
Academic References Cited 20.0 pts
Total Points: 200.0

Marketing homework help


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