Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. Essay Question
Critically analyse how top private sector organisations proactively respond to issues.
A private sector organisation = a company or for-profit organisation.
Your essay must demonstrate the following:

  1. a) Select at least one private sector organisation and investigate issues they have responded to in the past.
  2. b) Select and identify one current issue, where they demonstrated responsibility and sought to resolve the problem.
  3. c) Describe the nature of the problem and how this impacted the organisation’s stakeholders.
  4. d) Critically evaluate how they addressed the current issue/problem and how successful their response was.
  5. e) Include a minimum of four (4) academic journal articles.

Overall, your essay will need to demonstrate an understanding of theories/concepts covered in this unit from weeks 1 – 6.
Please note, the four academic sources must discuss theories/concepts discussed in this unit. The reading list and materials within the ALR704 site are your starting point.
Word Count: 2000 words (+/- 10 %)

  • Essay format
  • In English
  • Size 12 font
  • 5 spacing
  • ‘Normal’ margins settings (2.54cm)
  • Page numbers, student name and ID in footer
  • Submit as a Word Document


  • Harvard-style referencing
  • Minimum of five (5) academic references.
  • The reference list is notincluded in the word count. In-text references are included in the word count.
  • The reference list must appear at the end of your essay and should only include the sources you have included in your essay (in-text citations).

Academic essay:
You are to use academic conventions in terms of writing style, referencing, and the overall structure of a research essay. The essay will need an introduction, body and conclusion, and each paragraph should have a topic sentence to help guide the reader. The writing should be clear, concise and persuasive.

Marketing homework help


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