Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. Marketing Strategy (MTKG 446) — Final Portfolio Submission:  Your portfolios are due NO LATER than 5:30 pm Monday, May 11, 2020 and are to be submitted to my Montclair email address as a PDF (  Early submissions are acceptable. Late submissions will not be accepted.  (Keep in mind this is a final deadline.)  As part of your submission, you’ll need to provide the following:
1. A complete Table of Contents (TOC) including reference to any re-dos and/or extra credits.  You can also indicate in your TOC with an asterisk (*) which you believe are your best ones.  Make sure in your TOC you list each challenge included in your portfolio by its title and number.

  1. All posted challenges and cases (other than the extra credit ones) are required and must be included in your submission. Also, you must respond to each of the questions asked (or parts) in the challenge or case – or, it will be considered incomplete.
  2. The mid-semester critique should also be included with your submission along with what was submitted at that time (the originals).
  3. For the revised versions, the originals must be included with the revisions.  Also, indicate which are the revised versions and the originals.  As a part of your revision, you can also offer an explanation as to how you improved upon the original.
  4. Your portfolio should be submitted with a titled page including your name, etc.
    6.They should look as professional as possible.


  1. Also, include your “diary” of questions.

    Grading will be based upon the following:

    1. Your level of demonstrating each of the different forms of thinking associated with the different challenges and cases along with the quality of examples provided.
    2. The laddering effect across the portfolio in terms of you demonstrating your thinking in greater detail and offering more insights progressively across the challenges and cases.
    3. Incomplete and/or flat-lining submissions will result in a failing course grade.  Flat-lining is where all of your responses look similar in length and quality (superficial-ness).  If your responses look like typical homework responses, you probably are flat-lining.     

Marketing homework help


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