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300 words
explore how different companies have survived over the years, decade to decade, generation to generation.
Choose a hospitality oriented company that was established before 1970 and is still doing business today.Use the name of your company in the title.
Provide a write-up of how that company has survived in regard to how they have marketed their products and brand to engage the evolving customer. How has the brand/concept changed since the 1970s? What microenvironment and macroenvironment forces influenced changes? How will the company change in the next decade, affected by any new forces operating in the environment? As a part of your write-up, discuss how the company can be proactive rather than reactive when responding to environmental trends.

  • If you can, provide examples of their marketing that reflect the time of the marketing. For example, you might link to a 1980’s commercial for Hilton and compare it to a commercial that aired this week.

Companies are “first come, first serve”. Companies may only be used by one student. You may “bookmark” your company at the start of the week, but any bookmarked companies are fair game after Wednesday, meaning if you claim a concept, but fail to post before Thursday, that concept can be claimed by a classmate.


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