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  1. CASE QUESTIONS (60 points total). Read the cases below from the Jennings “Business Ethics” textbook in this class (see syllabus) and answer the questions listed. As you are reading, think of what current events might remind you of the ethical issues you see raised below.

* Case 8.17: Frozen Coke and Burger King and the Richmond Rigging, P. 506.  Q. 3, 5.
* Case 8.18: Wells Fargo and Selling Accounts, or Making Them Up?, P. 509.  Q. 2, 3.
* Case 7.23: Ann Hopkins and Price Waterhouse, P. 465.  Q. 2, 5.

  1. CURRENT NEWS EVENT (WITHIN LAST 30 DAYS) THAT RELATES TO ANY OF THE CASES STUDIED IN UNIT 9 (40 POINTS). Pick any of the cases studied in Unit 7 or 8, and discuss one current event (i.e. something in the news recently within the past 30 days that you can hyperlink to) that makes you think of an ethical situation raised in that case.  (1) You MUST hyperlink to the news article, or attach article as a pdf in your submission), to a recognized news organization, and it must show the news article as current within the last 30 days. Note: Videos do not count for purposes of this assignment. (2) Summarize the news article; (3) Discuss which of the Cases assigned in this assignment it reminds you of and why; (4) and discuss how you would resolve the issue given what you have learned.

FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS. This paper is to be a minimum of 3-4 FULL pages of text double-spaced, in addition to any cover page. For guidelines, the “recent event” section should by itself be at roughly 1 full page.  NOTE: Cover page or a citations page, which is not required, does NOT count towards the page requirement. Use Times New Roman font or similar (12 point font or less), and your paper must not contain pictures. No more than 1.5″ margins top, bottom, left and right. Clearly identify the question numbers being answered. FAILURE to follow the instructions regarding Formatting and providing hyperlink (or pdf) to current event will result in up to 10% reduced points per violation.


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