Nursing homework help

#1.  The mother of a 10-year-old girl has brought her to the clinic based on concerns expressed by the school nurse.  The teacher has noted times when the girl appears to be daydreaming; however, after the nurse witnessed a few of these incidents, she has recommended the child be evaluated for absence seizures.  The mother is not totally convinced that is true, however, is willing to find out.
A.  How would you respond to this mother?
B.  What patient centered care will be appropriate here?
C.  What safety measures should the parents be encouraged to follow?
#2. You are assessing a child’s vision and notice the child is unable to correctly answer her questions when shown the Ishihara color plates.  When questioning the mother, you discover that the child has not understood the colors but the mother has just assumed the child was slow.
A.  How would you proceed?
B.  What care would you provide in this case?
C.  How will you know the nursing care plan was effective for this child?
#3.  The parents have brought their 3-year-old son to the clinic for an evaluation.  They are concerned something is wrong because he cannot seem to move like he used to and is having difficulty climbing up and down the stairs.
A.  How would you respond?
B.  What patient-centered care should you develop?
C.  You recognize that this patient will need assistance from other departments.  Which additional team members will be able to assist this patient and his family?
#4.  A mother has brought her 4-year-old daughter to the emergency department.  She didn’t realize her husband had sprayed the lawn with a pesticide and allowed their daughter to play in the yard.  She now comes in with complaints of nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and confusion.
A.  How would you respond?  What are you initial interventions?
B.  How can you help the family?
C.  What are some nursing diagnoses that would be appropriate for this situation?
#5.  The parents are in denial demanding a second opinion.  The physician has just informed them their 2-year-old son has a glioblastoma.  Devastated, they ask the nurse, “How can this happen to us?”
A.  How would you respond?
B.  What are some nursing diagnoses you would identify in this situation (more than 1 please)
C.  What are some expected outcomes related to your nursing diagnoses? (should have an outcome for every diagnoses)


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