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Felbry College School of Nursing
Integration of health alterations (medical and nursing diagnoses), presenting signs and symptoms, treatments, medications, and their effects on diagnostic laboratory results for a specific client.
The case scenario used for this Laboratory Analysis Assignment is similar to clients that you would have been assigned to in clinical.

  • Introduction
  • Description of health alterations
    • Define medical diagnoses
    • Explain the pathophysiology for each diagnosis
    • Discuss how diagnoses are interrelated
  • Signs and Symptoms
    • Provide rationale for the client’s S&S in relation to the pathophysiology of his/her health alterations
  • Complete Laboratory Analysis Table
    • Analyze lab data for abnormal, pertinent normal, and therapeutic results, in relation to health alterations, client’s presenting S&S, and treatments (including medications).  Explain how the lab results are a reflection of the pathologic process, client responsive or unresponsive to treatment, sign of a side effect or complication of treatment, and what S&S the client might exhibit from the lab results.
    • Identify client problem—nursing diagnosis (NANDA) and/or collaborative problem based on the lab data.
    • Identify NOC and write desired outcome for the client problem.  Must be achievable and measurable.
    • List NIC and nursing/collaborative interventions that address/correct the altered lab results.  Include rationale for the interventions, with citations for the reference used (use APA format).
    • Evaluate the expected effects of the interventions on the client’s status.  Include evaluation of the effectiveness of the interventions, degree that desired outcomes have been achieved, and if the client problem was resolved.
    • Use a separate Diagnostic Analysis table for each client problem.  Related laboratory data can be included on the same table.  For example:
      • Health alteration:  Glomerulonephritis
      • Nursing diagnosis: Excess fluid volume related to inflammation of the glomeruli, decreasing filtration, as evidenced by weight gain, edema, I>O, hypertension, decreased total protein/ablumin, increased BUN/Cr, proteinuria.
      • Lab Data: BUN, Creatinine, albumin, total protein, urinalysis
  • Conclusion
  • References (Use APA format)



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