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Nurse working in a prison system. 1000 words due 10/20/2020
You are a nurse working in a prison. One of the prisoners has decided to refuse all medical treatment and medications.
1. 200 words Choose one option below and support your position. Elaborate on the option selected using the text book.
2. 200 words Describe any ethical or legal considerations as to why you are choosing this option.
3. 200 words What are the environmental, physical, and psychological health issues faced by prisoners within the system?
4. 200 words What safety and ethical concerns do nurses working within the prison system face?
Option 1: A prisoner has the right to refuse any and all medical treatment/medication.
Option 2: A prisoner does not have the right to refuse any and all medical treatment/medication.
Cite and reference all sources with at least 4 reference including the textbook. , minimum expectation = 1. Sources must be 5 years old or less.
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