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  Watch the film “A Road to Home”  and complete a movie review.
Respond to each question below in 100 words.
1. State the title of the film and the year it was released. Then briefly describe what the film is about.
2.  Identify the people, places, events, that are the focus of this film. Describe and clarify the significance of each
3. List six facts described in the film that impressed you and explain how each fact relates to the film’s premise or theme.
4. Stay or Go? What are the pros and cons of an LGBTQ individual leaving home?
5. Describe an aspect of the film that showed you something you had not seen before, caused you to think in a new way, or helped you understand something more thoroughly than before. In addition, describe how it changed your thinking as a nurse.
6. Identify at least two community resources in you’re the state of Illinois to provide homeless health care. Describe them briefly.
7. Would you recommend this film to other nursing students about the plight of the LGBTQ community and homelessness? Explain.
8. Discuss 3 health educational needs for a member of the homeless LGBTQ community. Chose one of the educational needs and write a paragraph explaining how you could implement the health education as a community nurse.
9. View the following website about the AliForneyCenter.org. What services do they provide and benefits?
Read the following article and write a 200 words summary. “Legal Issues with Sexual and Gender Minority Patients in the Emergency Department” Edie Brous RN, BSN, MS, MPH, JD (2019)
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