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Workplace Environment Assessment
The health of a workplace environment may affect the patient outcome or health of the team members. This discussion aims to assess the result of my work environment assessment. My analysis will include the civility of my work environment and how civil issues have been addressed.
Work Environment Assessment Result
Improved patient care and effective teamwork hinges on polite communication (Clark, 2015). The result of the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory for my work environment assessment is 50. According to Clark (2015), a 50 to 59 score indicates that the workplace is unhealthy. This result is accurate per my personal assessment of my facility.
Work Environment Assessment Result Analysis
A score of 50 with the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory indicates an unhealthy workplace. There have been instances where civil communication was not utilized at my place of work, and the effects have been adverse. For example, a few months ago, there was a conflict between one of our nurses, Nurse A, and a nurse leader from another unit. On hearing about the conflict, our unit manager ordered Nurse A to apologize to the nurse manager without listening to Nurse A’s side of the story. Nurse A did not feel that the nurse manager cared for her feelings and well-being. Nurse A proceeded to put in her two-week resignation. Important aspects to achieve better patient outcome includes excellent interpersonal relationships and communication (Laureate Education, 2018). Nurse A was a valuable nurse to the unit, and the unit ended up losing her because of a lack of proper conflict resolution through excellent communication. To create a culture of excellence, nurse leaders should advocate for their team (Marshall & Broome, 2017). Nurse A did not feel the advocated for by our manager. Team members need to trust that their leaders have their best interests and advocate for the team members and their patients.
Workplace civility is needed to ensure a professional space where effective teamwork can be accomplished. My workplace needs improvement from its present state of civility. The civility rate of 50 per the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory shows that my workplace is an unhealthy environment with poor cohesive teamwork, which equals poor patient outcomes.
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