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As nurses, we need to elaborate a care plan every time we receive a patient or have a particular situation that requires medical intervention. On a patient that is planning on hurt himself the first step will be to correctly diagnose the condition. Usually, patients who are at risk for self-harm are suffering of depression, anxiety and other secondary conditions such as bipolar disorder etc.
The outcome will be that the patient will remain free from any self-harm during the time that patient remains in the hospital. It is also important to involve the patient in the plan of care, like encouraging him to talk about his feelings, any suicidal ideation and thoughts. In addition, the patient will verbalize different solutions or ideas to cope with the current situation.
Some of the interventions will be not to leave the patient alone as a first step and stablish a one to one supervision or a backeract order in some states of USA like Florida. Always explaining to patient every step of the intervention and removing every object that the patient can use to harm himself such as curtains, needles, and cords. The second step will be to schedule a consultation with a psychiatric physician. It is important to evaluate every step of the interventions to make sure that patient can be discharge home safely.
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