Nursing homework help

  • Think      about the evidence, concepts, and/or theories learned throughout this      program and your nurse executive specialization.
  • Analyze      a problem, issue, or situation that you have observed during your      practicum experience.
  • Using      a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources of evidence, consider what you      have observed within the context of your specialty using appropriate      concepts, principles, and theories. Give special attention to observed      events that vary from the scholarly literature.
  • Including      personal communications from leaders in healthcare administration is      acceptable; however, this does not replace the requirement for three      peer-reviewed sources of evidence.
  • Determine      the degree to which the problem, situation, or issue was addressed in a      manner consistent with the theory, concepts, and principles detailed in      the evidence.
  • Given      the various evidence-based approaches that can be used in addressing the      observed problem, situation, or issue, think about a plan for approaching      the matter differently.
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