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Addiction is an illness that not only affects individuals but their families as well.  As future nurses, learning how to provide education and guidance for family members, as well as the client, will be necessary.  Additionally, nurses must also utilize self-awareness to prevent biases and deliver nonjudgmental care.  Please watch the following video and answer the following questions.  (Remember to answer all three questions in your response). WATCH VIDEO

1.)  Do you agree with the speaker’s assertion that family members may not be the appropriate person to help people with addiction? If so why?
2.   2.)  12 step programs are often the long-term treatment choice of many individuals with addiction.  However, many people find the religious aspect of the program to be unappealing and a hindrance. Do you agree with the speaker’s belief that acknowledging a “higher power” or a belief in “spirituality” is necessary for people to overcome addiction? If so, how would you communicate this to the client and their family?
3.   3.)  Do you think it will be frustrating to provide treatment for individuals with addiction because they will most likely relapse? If so why?


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