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Research Project 
Healthcare is a constantly changing environment.  Anticipating, understanding, and planning for the prevalent issues and challenges faced are key talents for the successful leader in healthcare.  Each student will prepare a 10 page paper that addressing the following question:
What is the proper role of healthcare in the United States?  Is it a service for sale or a right?  What and why would you recommend as the next major revision to the nation’s healthcare?
To fully address this question, the analysis may consider the following:

  • What role is played by government?
  • Identify and analyze current trends in healthcare, including information technology, biotechnology, smart phones, health informatics, and other relevant technologies in the context of the overall US healthcare system.
  • Address the impact of various stakeholders and influencers.
  • How do education, workforce availability, and human capital issues affect healthcare?
  • Identify key factors driving or limiting the further growth of healthcare.
  • How do the social determinants of health impact?  What other external factors might influence healthcare?
  • Deliberate on the roles of professional obligation and ethics.


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