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This week the assignment due is submission of the collaborative agreement contract collaboration
Each of you will submit a power point presentation with no more than 6 SLIDES
1- Explaining the main points of the APRN protocol also called contract negotiation. Select a recent protocol from your preceptor or internet.
2- Demonstrate with examples your understanding of a protocol/contract development.
3- An established protocol with an advanced registered nurse practitioner, which protocol contemplates the performance of medical acts identified and approved by the joint committee pursuant to s. 464.003(2) or acts set forth in s. 464.012(3) and (4), the physician shall submit notice to the board.
An example of an APRN protocol, also known as collaborative agreement between APRN and physicians, can be found in the following website https://floridasnursing.gov/forms/arnp-protocol-format.pdf


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