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Students will author an original essay and submit it to the eLearning Assignment: Essay 3. Students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of values by describing the nature of the values of sportsmanship and competitiveness and how these values may often conflict in society. Describing means to say what some is and to elaborate on all of its characteristics. I find that examples are great ways to describe things. Providing an example allows you to connect with the material and demonstrate that you more fully understand it.
The essay should demonstrate students’ knowledge of values and values conflicts. Specifically, students will address a description of the values of sportsmanship and competition. The student will highlight both values and then discuss instances in which these values can conflict. The essay should describe at least three potential conflicts between these values.
The essay should include an introductory paragraph that explains the minimum three potential conflicts between these values. The student introduction should discuss values and introduce the reader to the essay content. The essay should include a minimum of one supporting paragraph for each point the author is making in response to the prompt. Finally, the essay should include a concluding paragraph that consistently summarizes the author’s response to the essay prompt.

The essays will be evaluated for content, format, and writing quality:

  • The content of the paper consists of the student’s description of the values of sportsmanship and competition and conflicts between these values in society. The content must include accurate values conflicts.
  • The essay format should include the following: a minimum of two double-spaced pages with 1” margins on all sides; sources to support the responses to the prompts; and information that is not the student’s original work or thoughts must be cited in text and be included on a separate reference page. The APA 6th edition formatting guide should be used throughout the paper.
  • The quality of writing will be evaluated based upon the presence of a clear introduction and conclusion, accurate spelling, standard grammar usage, and proper punctuation.


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