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To succeed, you must know more about the gap. Read these articles to get a better understanding.
1. Practitioner explanation: https://medium.com/new-organizational-insights/is-the- scientist-practitioner-gap-an-impossible-chasm-of-despair-660c553cfdcb
2. Scholar explanation: https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge- core/content/view/AA57F81A60F9E2114CD7CB87212347EE/S1754942618000081a.pd f/systems_view_of_the_scientistpractitioner_gap.pdf
Scholar: AMY CUDDY NON-Verbal Communication
Curate a list of your scholar’s academic research and other public works.
Create a complete bibliography that denotes all the major journal articles, books, and major presentations attributed to your scholar. All works should be properly cited using APA format. You should identify a minimum of 12 works attributed to your scholar.
Separate the bibliography by the intended audience (i.e., one section for an academic audience and one section for a practitioner audience).
Synthesize the works so that you can explain to other managers why this scholar’s perspective is important.
• What contributions to managerial thinking have been made by your scholar?
• Why is this pivotal to organizational life?
• What key takeaways should all managers understand?
• How should this be implemented?
Draft a persuasive argument for following the evidence & advice created by this scholar.
• Define, summarize, and give an overview of the important concepts
• Identify common organizational problems or obstacles that could be improved by better
application of these concepts
• Specify behaviors, strategies, and changes that managers should implement now that they
have a better understanding of this concept
Create a video that persuades managers to act.
Assume that your audience is a group of top-level managers (at any real or fake organization you choose).


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