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Write a paper of a “compare and contrast” analysis of 5 PM methods and conclude with which is the best for your organization. The following methods or frameworks will be required for you to analyze along with ONE OTHER FRAMEWORK you find on you own.
Frameworks/Methods to Be Analyzed
1. Balanced Scorecard, 2. Performance Prism, 3. Quantum Performance Management Model, 4. Tableau de Bord, and 5. In addition, you will add one OTHER FRAMEWORK of your choice.
The analysis that details the formal presentation which will be no more than 10-15 typed pages excluding attachments and bibliography; font at 10-11; spacing at 1.5; margins- normal, APA format for citing’s.
* Table of Contents Format for paper and more detail is on attached MS Word file.
* Sample of PPT presentation is on attached PPT file.
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