Operations Management homework help

Unit 4: Discussion
1. What makes an agreement illegal?
2. What are the effects of illegality in a contract?
3. What are consequences of illegal agreements?
4. What does it mean to have an agreement contrary to public policy?  How would one know?
5. What information must be in a written contract?
6. What are the various methods of writing a signature?
7. Are electronic signatures legal?
8. Define and explain the Best Evidence rule.
Discussions should be thoughtful contributions to the class and at least 1-2 paragraphs in length.  Although discussions may be less formal than a research project, students should still present themselves in a professional manner that respects the opinions of classmates.  Students should also reference materials they utilize to support their discussion posts using APA format.  See the assignments and grading page in the course information module for the rubric.


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