Operations Management homework help

Industrial Organization
IT104 (Fall – 2020)
Assignment 1- (10%)
Instructor: Dr. Elda Cina
Individual submission: Upload a clear version of your answers to Moodle.
Student name:……………….. Student ID:……………………
1. Name the .doc file with your ID number. Mention your name, ID as comments on the
footer of the file.
2. Strictly, the submission file type should be .doc file.
3. Assessment submission deadline is 10/11/2020 @23:59. A delay in assessment
submission will result in the following grade deduction
· Delay of 1 Day : 40% Deduction
· Delay of 2 Days: 60% Deduction
· Delay of 3 Days: 100% Deduction
4. In case of plagiarized submission, student will receive a notification email with the
below penalty applied starting the date of the email:
· Resubmission on the first day (within 24 hours after notification): 40% deduction
· Resubmission on the second day after notification: 60% deduction
· Failing to resubmit within two days after notification, the assessment will be
graded with zero
5. Please check Banner for your Gradebook and Attendance.
6. AUM rules and regulations apply.
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Question 1. (25 points)
What are the different dimensions of the terms engineering and management? Discuss.
Question 2. (25 points)
Identify the three types of skills needed by an effective manager, as conceived by Robert L.
Katz, and describe how the relative need for them might vary with the level of management.
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Question 3. (25 points)
How does the job of a top manager differ from the jobs in the several levels of middle
Question 4. (25 points)
From the 10 managerial roles provided by Mintzberg, choose three or four that you consider
most important for the first-line manager, and explain your selection


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