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You were recently hired as the manager of a third-party company that provides online training to other companies. The problems that most companies face are mobility, cost-effectiveness, relevant training content, etc. Your job is to create a PowerPoint presentation to address the issues and show the benefits of training employees on a new and innovative online web-based platform. Considering the current circumstances of Covid 19, this seems to be very relevant.
The following are high-level points that should be addressed in the  presentation:
· Saves your company money
· Reduces learning time
· Better employee retention for most training topics
· Accessibility for Nationwide employees
· Provides employees with ongoing access to key resources
· Allows employees to complete training remotely
· Allows for Nation collaboration
· Fits your employee’s flexible lifestyles
· Scalable for any number of employees
· Provides your employees, and managers, with timely feedback
· Ensures training consistency and standardization
· Reduces your company’s environmental impact
Your assignment should be a PowerPoint presentation of 6–12 slides, including 100–125 words of speaker notes. This should be a professional presentation, limited in verbiage, and balanced in graphics.


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