Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help.

This mini-project can be either group work or individual, up to your own choice. The group size should be less than four members.
This project is to practice the use of SERVQUAL method in evaluating service quality. You need to collect questionnaire data. In normal cases, you can collect the data in the field. However, in the current special situation, a viable way is to collect data on social media. You can take any real service business (including non-profit organizations) as your project’s target.
Refer to the attached file on SERVQUAL. prepare the standard 22 question questionnaires each for expected and actual service quality.  If you do not want to type the standard questions yourselves, you can google the copyable questions from the internet to make your questionnaire. To write-up your project report, you need to describe what you do in the project, summarize and analyze your data in a similar way as shown in the attached file.
Refer to the attached file on SERVQUAL, You need to prepare two questionnaires, each containing 22 questions. In each of the 22 questions for the Expected Service Quality, you fill the blank as the service industry name. For example, if your target company is in the hotel business, you fill “an excellent hotel company” in the blank.  In the 22 questions for the Actual Service Quality, you need to fill the company’s name of the target of your survey. For example, if you are evaluating Holiday Inns service quality, you fill Holiday Inn in the blank.
In this difficult time, you can just collect a small sample size to show your work. The purpose of this mini-project is to let you know how SERVQUAL works, not to really evaluate a company (for that, you need a larger sample size)
If you choose the old grading scheme, you submit the project report here. Rather, if you choose the new grading scheme, you need to submit the project report to the link right above here.
Everyone in the group should submit the group project report separately in order to have a record in the Blackboard for yourself. The report file should contain all the group members.
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Operations Management homework help


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