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Socrates and Buddha had some similar ideas and traits.  Write an essay defending this idea.  Give a few of Buddha’s basic ideas Socrates would probably agree with (focus here on the ideas Rahula presents in his first chapter) and then discuss whether it would be difficult for Socrates to follow the Eightfold Path.  Be sure to address all the aspects of the Path and to give support for your claims.  Are there any ways in which the two men are significantly different?
Evaluation of the essays:  Essays are evaluated on a number of criteria including:

  • Evidence of good understanding of the views under consideration
  • Quality of the explanation of the views and their application to the new situation/question given
  • Quality of arguments involved (this involves not only the giving of reasons and objection and response, but also the quality of the writing as that affects how good an argument is)

Edit carefully:  Reflect carefully on what is ultimately needed to answer the questions well.  Don’t fill up space with unnecessary ideas (e.g., everything you know about Aristotle or repeating aspects of the question such as the scenario described in the first question).   Determine what is central to the argument required and give that succinctly, explaining the core ideas and elaborating when there is space for it.
I expect each essay to be about 450-500 words in length (max of 650).  Remember that these are essays and, as such need to be divided into paragraphs, be written in complete sentences, etc.  Poorly written work and work with frequent errors of spelling, punctuation, and such loses points.

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