Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. BOOK: Environmental Ethics 2020, Aldo Leopold. (A Sand County Almanac, Leopold, ISBN: 9780195007770

  • write an approximately five-page paper in response

Leopold’s writings express a deep understanding of ecology and natural relations, but even more than this, they show a profound love of and appreciation for the land. For this paper, reflect on your own experiences with the land – not rural Wisconsin, but your own land.

  1. In what way have you, or could you, capture Leopold’s approach to wild things?
  2. Is it even possible for city people like ourselves?
  3. This question will largely be about your own experiences andreflections, but be sure to incorporate discussion of Leopold’s book as well.
  4. If you quote from the text, be sure to cite it properly: like the book……

Philosophy homework help


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