Philosophy homework help

 this is due in 8 hours…… must have done in 8 hours…… no  late work…..
do the following and use the attachment book: based on ( childhood education supervision)
Write a 2 page typewritten statement of your personal Philosophy of Supervision(what it means to be an effective supervisor of early childhood classroom teaching staff), which integrates class lecture notes and discussion, handouts and readings and provides a rationale for how you arrived at that style and set of beliefs.
Include the following information:
· What do you believe are the components of effective supervision?
· What do you need to know about yourself?
· What do you need to know about your supervisee?
· Do you differentiate between coaching/mentoring and supervision?  If so, what is the difference in how you would approach each one?
· What, in your personal experience, led you to arrive at this set of beliefs about supervision?
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