Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. Positive Energy and professional Presence
To live a healthy and happy life, individuals have a need for positive experiences, which begin with positive energy. One way to create positive energy is through the recognition of personal accomplishments. Most people have a strong desire to have their accomplishments recognized. Another way to create positive energy is with positive reinforcement, which plays an important role in developing and improving interpersonal relations. In organizational settings, there are several ways to provide positive reinforcement, including awards and incentives. In addition, there are barriers to creating positive reinforcement. This lesson will provide an overview of positive energy, including its importance in relationships and organizational cultures.
Positive energy can be an important part of developing a professional presence. To be successful in their careers, most individuals must develop and maintain a professional presence. This includes projecting a favorable first impression, which is developed by acting and dressing professionally, and managing nonverbal communication. This lesson will discuss the importance of a professional presence and offer guidance on how to conduct oneself in a manner that demonstrates a professional presence.
Lesson Objectives:

  • Explain the concept of positive energy and how it can help with building stronger relationships.
  • Explain the concept of a professional presence and how to develop it.

A great place to work doesn’t happen by chance. Leaders and employees must have the conscious intention of creating a workplace with positive energy. Leaders must establish workplace boundaries to deter the barriers that can damage a positive workplace culture. The individual employee also has a responsibility to engage in self-assessment, as well as identify ways to enhance one’s positive self-image.
Based on your readings, how can we improve communications with each other in a world that can sometimes be fraught with unreasonable work expectations and/or pressure due to the nature of our work? Be creative in your answer!
350-400 words, APA style format and a minimum of 3 references

Philosophy homework help


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