Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help.

—Mahatma Gandhi, (1869–1948)
Indian Leader/Anti-War Activist
Education without action is like a billboard in a basement—big, bold, but actionable to no one. By incorporating social change as part of its mission statement, the leadership is asking students, faculty, and leadership to consider the possibility of how to use one’s education to deliberately be in the world and make some part of it a better place.
Consider what you have learned from this course—the fundamental procedures of how to conduct qualitative research; and the critical processes that identify the researcher as a self-reflective co-participant. For this week, reflect on how these considerations have influenced your understanding of research and your direction for your study.
To prepare for this Discussion:
.Review the readings from the Ravitch and Carl and Rubin and Rubin and consider reflecting on your experiences in qualitative research throughout this course.
· Review media programs related to The Qualitative Dissertation Experience: and consider the experience of other candidates through this qualitative research process.
Post your responses to the following:
· Explain what social change means to you as a candidate. What experiences from the course most influenced your understanding?
· Explain what in qualitative research you would like to know more about as a result of taking this course.
· Reflect on your problem statement and the next steps for developing a research topic for your study. Include an explanation of whether you would choose a qualitative approach, why or why not.
Be sure to support your main post and response post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA style

Philosophy homework help


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