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Unit 8 AS: If Aliens Ate Human Meat: Zarnaps for the Ethical Treatment of Humans

For this assignment, you have to watch PETA’s video “If Aliens Ate Human Meat: Zarnaps for the Ethical Treatment of Humans”. Once you have watched the video, write a response paper.
AS Instructions: After watching the video, write and address the following questions:
• What is the point of the video? What is its message?
• On what ethical grounds does the video base its message?
o Which of the ethical systems or principles that you studied in Unit 3 does the video make use of to support its argument?
• Do you agree or disagree with the message and its delivery style? Why/why not?
o If you disagree, how would you convey the same message?
You should write three separate paragraphs to address thoroughly each question. Upload your answer as a Word document. Use MLA or APA if you cite sources. As usual, write your responses in a way that can be understood by anyone who is not familiar with this topic.


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