Physiology homework help

Mixed Media Assignment.
1. Please upload your work as a single file, if possible. Microsoft power point, or word document.
2. Don’t forget to provide an explanation of the meme and the physiology and why it works, when necessary. I am not familiar with all the memes.
This assignment will consist of generating several media products designed to teach physiology concepts, principles or standard information.
Modern methods of dissemination of information must be used to produce UNT BIOL3800 Animal Physiology materials that can engage the public with factually accurate information, devoid of bias.
Using information learned in this course, you can design your media in nearly any way you wish. For example, you can produce an infographic (see below), or a meme, or a video/song, or you can come up with a better format for delivering your message of physiology.
NOTE: You don’t have to perform or post the information if you don’t want to. It can be private between you and I. However, I encourage you all to share these assignments with the world, as study tools for the public. DO NOT USE copyrighted materials without permission (it is easy to get permission for educational use, but you need to get permission – usually just an email.)
One way around the copyright issue is to use provided material from a website. There are meme generators, tic tocs, infographic makers, and all sorts of content that is already paid for by the app companies. There may be a watermark on their product, but that is the price we pay for being able to benefit from someone else’s creativity!
You must turn in up to 20 points worth of mixed media (point values below). You can mix and match the listed assignment types to get up to a possible 20 points, or you can propose other projects not listed here that we can negotiate a point value, depending on the effort (e.g. maybe you want to do a sculpture – ask, and we can decide how many points that could be worth). If collaboration is necessary for your project (e.g. you are playing a song and need a band), you must get that approved.
Media Type
Point Value
Recorded Song
News Story
Negotiable up to 20
Negotiable up to 20
New Better Book Figure
Other ideas?
Negotiable up to 20
Examples of Media types and the point values. You need a total of 20 points.
Examples of a product.
Each inaccuracy reduced your possible points for each product by 10 percent.
Your work should be different than what is already out there.
Is this just the same figure in different color? Or, is it somehow different or better. It doesn’t take much. A change in wording along with a reorganization could be enough to make an original figure.
Your work should be well-executed and professional looking, even if it is just a meme.
Is the item well produced? For example: Are the images clean and of decent quality? Is the graphic well arranged? Is the sound clear?
Provide a short description/explanation of your product. In most cases a couple of sentences or a paragraph will suffice. Include any cultural references that I may not know about. Explain any humor, if present and provide a full description of any relevant pieces or parts of your product, if not fully obvious. For example, provide lyrics if you record a song.
Is your product relevant for the F you can prove the efficacy of your product, you get up to 5 points towards this project. The burden of proof is on you. Is your meme effective?
Infographics (a clipped mixture of “information” and “graphics”) are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends (see
Example of an InfoGraphic:
The Pathology Lab Process:
PathLab Process.jpg
Example of an InfoGraphic.
How do the Tests for Coronavirus Work?
Corona INfographic.jpg
Example Meme:
two Receptors.jpg
This one above only works in class. It is poorly executed. The rest of the example memes are also poorly executed, but less so.
Example Meme:
Sarcomeres Meme.jpg
If you are not familiar with the meme, you might not understand this one, but the science is good enough.
Charlie Sheen Meme.jpg
I haven’t seen this show, so a good explanation is important for me to grade your assignment.

  1. Avoid wordy text. Simple is best in most cases.
  2. Use a template if available or (many infographic tools have a library of templates, meme generators our out there and so are video templates like tic toc —you don’t have to start from scratch!)
  3. Don’t forget citations! You must cite work that isn’t yours. You must cite ideas that are not yours. Don’t cheat. So, don’t rip copyrighted content.
  4. You can use images from the internet, but they must be cited, and if you use some copyrighted content, you should get permission. Usually, it is easy to get permission to use copyrighted stuff IF IT IS FOR EDUCATION. This isn’t always the case so be sure you are not taking someone else’s material without permission.
    1. You can email the owner/publisher and they will give you permission. Often there is a disclaimer on a publisher’s website somewhere that may give permission for educational or nonprofit use. Be sure to cite that permission as a web address.
    2. Place all citation in small (but readable) font next to or underneath the image. The author’s last name and date, or (Links to an external site.) is sufficient.
    3. If you are unsure, please ask or refer to the copyright statement in the Syllabus and in the UNT student handbook.


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