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Physiology homework help. Paper Assignment #3: Goodness vs. evil
For thousands of years, humans have contemplated the nature of goodness and the existence of evil. For this assignment, you are asked to consider extreme criminal behavior using the biological trait theory of Hans Eysenck.
Ted Bundy was one of America’s most notorious rapists and serial killers. Described by many of his victims as handsome and charming, Bundy preyed upon attractive young women and girls by feigning injury or disability and soliciting their assistance. In defiance of stereotype, Bundy was raised in, as he describes, a caring family environment. He was bright and articulate, majored in psychology in college, and was accepted to multiple law schools. Ever ambitious, he also committed 30 homicides, which occurred in 7 states within the span of 4 years – however, his victim count likely was much higher. He also successfully escaped from prison several times.
The following link directs you to the last interview Bundy gave, just one day prior to his execution, and is considered his most controversial.
This interview took place at Bundy’s request, with a journalist from an evangelical Christian organization. In their disturbingly calm conversation, Bundy is asked about why he committed the atrocities he did. In response, Bundy attempts to appear moral by denouncing pornography and appealing to the values of evangelical Christianity he presumes his interviewer holds.
*A note about viewing: Although this interview contains Bundy’s alleged religious opinions, please be mindful that I am not asking for you to consider whether you agree with him or to describe your own religious/spiritual views of morality. Rather, I would like you to keep in mind that Bundy was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder. As you observe his behaviors and listen to his responses, consider how convincing his displays of remorse are. This may, in fact, have been his last great act of deception.
For this assignment, you are asked to consider Bundy’s personality through the lens of Eysenck’s biological trait theory.
1.) Please describe the 3 traits of Eysenck’s personality theory: extraversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism. What are they? Keep in mind that these traits differ somewhat from those described by the Big Five theorists.
2.) Where do you think Bundy’s personality falls on the continuum of extraversion – introversion? Neuroticism – stability? Psychoticism – superego function? Give an example from the interview (or elsewhere, if necessary) for each.
3.) How does biology contribute to these traits, and how do these traits result in criminal behavior? Do you think Eysenck’s theory describes these connections well? If not, what’s missing?
*A note regarding obtaining background on Bundy: There is an enormous wealth of information about Ted Bundy that you can find on the internet, should you find this interview of him to be insufficient for considering his personality. Please feel free to browse, but remember to cite all outside sources using APA style. (And please use the Purdue OWL site,, to check your APA style formatting.)
**You can even watch his testimony during his final trial for murder here. Yes, he defended himself in court:
Important notes on this assignment:

  • You should be able to complete this assignment by looking only at class notes and your textbook.
  • I’m not looking for one specific answer, but rather I am looking to see that you can apply the concepts and make a solid argument for the conclusions you draw.


Physiology homework help


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