Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Answer two of the following three questions.

  1. Both Alexander and Anzaldua believe personal identity ( which Anzaldua argues is twin skin to language) is vital to understanding systems of power and their impact on individuals . Write a short (500 word) response in which you discuss how both Alexander and Anzaldua use identity to illustrate how power impacts individuals. Your response should include two of the following terms and their definitions : la facultad, atzlan, Shadow Beast, serpent/eagle.


  1. Anzaldua writes passionately about the revolutionary consciousness which she names “mestizahc”, and the potential of this consciousness has in challenging and overcoming binary thinking. Binary thinking and dualisms which subjugate and oppress are theme of this course. Write a short (500 word) response which details Anzaldua’s revolutionary project, comparing/contrasting Anzalldua’s project with any theorist we have studied such as Marx, Marcuse etc.


  1. Design your own essay. Choose any theorist we have studied(Marx, Marcuse,Alexander,Anzaldua). Explain how their theory assists us in understanding our world today. Specifically, you should focus on the following broad terms , paying attention to clearly defining cach and relating how the theorist of your choice adds to our theoretical understanding of these core ideas : the individual/ individual identity/ revolutionary potential or revolutionary project.

Political Science homework help


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