Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. One page per question

  1. What is a political party? How do the two major parties in the U.S. differ in terms of:

-their ideologies (what do they “stand for”?)
-the types of people that make up the parties
-the reasons we have political parties

  1. Some political observers feel that the Republican Party is “Trump’s Party”. Do you agree? Why or why not. What has been the effect on the nation and the Republican Party of this state of affairs during the Trump presidency?
  2. Conflict exists between Trump and state governors, the press and even his own experts on the coronavirus and the timing of opening up the economy. This is evident at his press briefings and, of course, his tweets. What do you make of all this conflict during a crisis?
  3. How have your political opinions been affected by the pandemic and government’s response to it? Is the media shaping public opinion? How?

Political Science homework help


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