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Topic: The economic consequences of colonialism in Ivory Coast
Proposals have to include a 200-word abstract on the subject, scope of the final paper, an outline of the paper’s structure, and a minimum of 5 academic references.  You always have to provide a reference for numbers, data, factual information, and quotes!
– explain in the introduction: the importance of your topic: why it is socially relevant? What is the point of looking into your topic? Why might we want to know more about the topic? You might have to look for other articles in order to answer these questions or you might be able to draw on materials from other political science courses.
– make clear what the key concepts are you use
– have a well-developed research question and you might add some hypotheses. Explain the reasoning behind your proposition or hypothesis. Why do you think that proposition is plausible?
– have a minimum of 5 scholarly references that were not among the course readings

  1. Topic

1.1 Table of Contents
1.2 Introduction (what are you writing about and why)
1.3 Research question (core question you are investigating in your paper)
1.4 Explain how you will proceed and which evidence you will use to make your argument in order to answer the research question

  1. Initial theory or theories
  2. Material part: facts, data, conditions, relationships and comparisons
  3. Discussion of theories
  4. Conclusions



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