Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Question #1 .  What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? Briefly explain what payments the law permits and what it does not allow.
What happened to Ericsson AB, a Sweedish company as relates to the FCPA.? Why did a Sweedish get prosecuted for U.S. FCPA ?
Question #2. Alibaba, a Chinese company trades both on the Hong Kong Exchange and on the United states capital markets. Explain the nature of the security traded in each market.
What U.S. exchange is the security traded on and what is the most recent price on the U.S. exchange?
Question #3. How is the new FASB accounting pronouncement of leases going to affect the balance sheet and why?
Question #4. Cineworld Group, a London based company traded on the London Stock Exchange has recently seen its share price drop 71% as a result of the Covad -19 pandemic effects.
How is the company’s precarious financial situation reflected in management and the auditor’s report to investors reflected?
Question # 5.  China Forestry liquidators are suing KPMG for $166 million for their audit of the company.
What difficulties does a Firm like KPMG have in auditing the Chinese Firm?

Psychology homework help


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