Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help.

Discussion 3
Identify a topic within clinical psychology (trauma)—that is I/O, educational, general, or clinical—that you would like to learn more about. Discuss the topic in enough detail that others can gain a clear understanding of the issues involved.
Use these guidelines to discuss your topic:
· What is the overall topic, in terms of subject matter (for example, learning styles, PTSD, worker motivation, or relapse in clients with addictions)?
· What is already known about this topic, according to the scholarly literature? Cite some literature that supports your topic.
· What principles and values are associated with your topic (for example, cognitive processes are important in learning, early traumatic experiences can affect later functioning, or reinforcement is a powerful source of motivation)?
· What questions do you want to ask about the topic that have not been answered by existing literature?
Refer to the Schools of Thought Matrix for more information about which are considered modern schools of thought.
Research and cite at least three sources supporting your topic. At least one source should present empirical evidence for current knowledge about the topic, and at least one source should indicate needs for further research into this topic. Use proper APA style when you cite and reference these sources.

Psychology homework help


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